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Your Winning Ticket

You may have received a special gift if you’ve dined with us late November and December: an envelope containing a mystery offer to enjoy in the New Year. Here’s how it works…


Make sure to keep hold of your envelope and keep it sealed (that means no peeking) until your next visit in January or February (excludes Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch) to find out which ticket you’ve won. It will either be a White Ticket- 25% food discount, a Silver Ticket- 50% food discount or a Golden Ticket- a complimentary three-course meal for four people – whichever you receive, you’ll be guaranteed a delicious seasonal British meal with us for less.

Please read the terms and conditions below for the full offer details and we look forward to giving you your Christmas gift.


– Envelopes cannot be open until the day of your next visit and can only be opened after your meal. The pub will not accept tickets that have had their seals broken.
– Offer can be redeemed from Sunday dinner to Saturday lunch only (excludes Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch)
– Available for redemption from 2nd January to 1st March 2018
– A maximum of 4 people can take part in this offer (You may use several envelopes for larger parties)
– Discount applies on food bill only

– Drinks are not included in the offer
– Service charge is not included
– Subject to availability, excludes special events and cannot be combined with any other offers



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